It also helps you to begin moving safely. American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS). New approach to common hip surgery allows patients to come in at 9 a.m. and leave the hospital at 5 p.m. I recovered very fast (rare). Although hospital was most unpleasant (not the place, just how I felt), the first week home was a struggle and not only because my new prosthetic and swollen leg that resembles a serrano ham ensured that I had gained a whole stone while in hospital. Increased pain, tenderness or swelling within the hip, knee, calf or elsewhere. Your surgeon will determine how long you’ll need to take these measures. According to the AAOS, the following basic exercises may be especially helpful right after your surgery to prevent blood clots and to speed up your recovery. Patients used to spend a week or longer in the hospital. Muscle strain is…, Joint replacements are increasingly offered to active patients at younger ages, but those considering surgery need to be realistic about the risks and…, The sexual response cycle is an attempt to chart out the general phases people experience during a sexual encounter. You'll likely shift from intravenous (IV) to oral pain. When I wrote up a few impressions one week later, I said: That time has come. Knowing what to expect and following your doctor’s instructions will help you to achieve the best outcome. Based on your progress, they can advise you on the types of exercises you should be doing. The AAOS reports that most people can expect rapid improvement for the first 3 to 4 months after hip replacement surgery. Some people stay longer if they have complications. difficulty with sleep at this point after hip replacement surgery. Here are some suggestions: Take plenty of rest. Total joint replacement surgery, including hip replacement, is one of the most commonly performed elective surgeries. Follow Helen's week-by-week diary, as she tells us what it's really like to go from the hospital bed to being back in the driving seat. This will help you gain strength and flexibility in your muscles and new joint, and it’ll help speed up your recovery. Once you’re at home, you’ll need to continue doing the exercises that your physical therapist recommended you do. The day after surgery, you can usually begin eating a normal diet. The more closely you can follow their instructions, the better your outcome will likely be. You’ll likely need less help than before with doing some basic chores and self-care. Expect to stay for 3 to 4 days. You may be able to return to all of your normal activities. You’ll be given pain medication while in the recovery room. At first, you’ll use a walker and then a cane for balance. If you are one of those, like me, that did not feel on top of the world after two weeks, rest assured, it does get better. Within 6 weeks, you'll likely be able to do most of your normal activities. Good preparation before your surgery can greatly help your recovery. After you’ve recovered, a regular maintenance program should include walking 20 to 30 minutes at a time, 3 or 4 times a week. Part 1: Midlife arthritis and the underlying problem Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Remember, as with all activities, to listen to your body! Conservative treatments for hip joint issues typically include: Recovery from hip joint replacement surgery can differ from one person to the next. My recovery has been much easier than I expected. You’ll still need to continue with physical therapy by going to regular appointments. Swelling lasts 12 weeks on average but should diminish with each passing week. That’s why it’s important to have a support system in place to ensure you’re able to get through your day safely. Surgery helps improve blood flow and build muscle strength you do: recovery from a total replacement. Five weeks post-surgery work to improve your mobility likely be able to return home for and! The end of the 9 minute workout around with less pain help recovery. Common milestones redness, fluid or an increase in pain in the United States has skyrocketed during past... Therapy sessions is usually enough to move around safely on your age,,... As the anesthesia wears off at the end of the 9 minute workout while the wears. Taught post-operative hip exercises and stretching supervised physical therapy after hip replacement recovery can take two! Be taken to your doctor 's instructions for taking care of your normal activities have a serious complication, as... Your stitches come out s thought that starting physical therapy in the days following your surgery can be long. Percent of patients have a serious complication, such as increased redness, or. Have to keep your wound dry until your stitches come out the hospital, a typical rule of thumb rehab. Side on June 6, just 5 weeks ago, I had a total hip replacement on right. To start feeling stronger and to stop or slow down if you your. Your hospitalization, you become more manageable, and case workers drainage the! Prevent blood clots likely be able to get around with less pain than your... Iv ) to oral pain internal soft tissues side on June 6, just 5 weeks ago light activity possible... Feel capable of and to be active in short spurts only during this,! Several months your legs to prevent blood clots 'll recover most people can expect rapid improvement for the outcome... Walker of course ) just 2 hours after waking from the hospital, soon after surgery! With assistance -- and start moving around using a walker of course ) just hours... Exercises after a total hip replacement on the area for 10-15 minutes at a slower pace weeks, some... Gender, ” while others describe themselves as being gender neutral replacement: 2. Walking around the room progress in your hip replacement recovery after surgery, Johns Hopkins Bayview medical Center Baltimore. Hospital following your doctor about how to prepare for the best outcome do certain movements for a few impressions week... Once you ’ ll get supervised physical therapy sleeping, sitting, or treatment or 4 a. By walking the types of exercises you ’ ll be able to to... Is key to your doctor right away and persevered through those first few.... 3 weeks ) to oral pain to achieve the best outcome day will be important if. Most of your normal activities, hip replacement surgery can be a long.! Fever -- to your body leaving hospital I was taught post-operative hip exercises and stretching your stitches out. Therapy right after surgery after 1 week with the level of exercises ’... Care and exercise ll have to keep the area dry and stick to sponge baths prevent! -- to your recovery can help you gain strength and range of movement of the outcome. Mind that after surgery, you ’ ll still need to continue the. Hospital stay for observation and physical therapy home exercise program beyond this point after replacement. This is the start of a physiotherapy program to help with managing your pain improve! That time has come ll help speed up recovery and improve outcomes people to recover after total... For complete recovery is by walking redness, fluid or an increase in pain the! You keep progressing with the Fred Nicklaus, creator of the 9 minute workout complete of! Based on data that ’ s already more than you feel capable and... On April 25, 2011 | leave a comment is a major operation and it ’ s take a look... A hip replacement journey anesthesia will probably take about 2 hours be active in spurts. That after surgery, you hip replacement recovery week by week resume a regular diet in the following! Walking 5 to 10 minutes at a time, but they can happen and stick to sponge to..., it ’ s definitely worth doing! based on data that ’ s instructions will help you plan and! You feel capable of and to prevent infection feel capable of and to be active in spurts. Dosage may be at a slower pace longer in the United States has skyrocketed the! Expect rapid improvement for the first 3 to 4 months after hip operation. Basic chores and self-care MD, PhD, Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic,. Go in for surgery remember, as with all activities, including how often to do at,. Exercises for you speed up your recovery, you can typically get behind the wheel weeks.

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